Unity is Strength - FEBAS- Federation Of Brahmin Associations - Demand For 7 Percent Reservation For Our Brahmin Community - GOD IS WITH US, NO ONE IS AGAINST US
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          Federation of Brahmin Association of Southern Region (FEBAS) ,a newly floated outfit for the welfare of Brahmins, has urged the State government to provide seven per cent reservation for the community.The association was formally launched at a gala function in Chennai  yesterday by dramatist and Mylapore MLA S V e Shekher, its founder- president.

          Speaking on the occasion, Shekher said, ‘After Independence, rationalist leader Periyar started the Social Justice Movement through which the backward and oppressed sections of society enjoyed 60 per cent reservation and Brahmins have never been a stumbling block.

          At the same time, the Brahmin community believes that Periyar’s philosophy that every caste must gets its due share proportionate to population must be implemented.’ ‘Definitely  the unity is not an one-day affair, it’s just the beginning. We will give them ( State government) a draft  how to go about it. Denying opportunity to Brahmins is also a violation of human rights.

          I am confident that the State government would understand this’, Shekher said. Dwelling on the plight of Brahmins numbering over 40 lakh in Tamilnadu, he said that majority of them was reeling under poverty and  struggling to make both ends meet.

          Some work as cooks, some as priests and the rest make pappads to eke out their livelihood while few others were involved in performing last rites for the dead. A change should occur in their life, Shekher said. ‘We hope that Chief Minister M Karunanidhi would consider our request and usher a change in our lives’.

          Clarifying that FEBAS was no political party, Shekher said it was an attempt to bring all Brahmins under one roof. Financial assistance was provided to the needy and deserving students on the occasion.

          Among those who took part in the function include danseuse Shobana Ramesh, former Indian Bank chairman K Gopalakrishnan, dramatists Raadhu, Kathadi Ramamurthy and astrologer Kaazhiyur Narayanan. Representatives from Brahmin community from various parts of the city attended the meet.

‘I am a ‘white’ Obama’

          Speaking at the launch of FEBAS, its founder-president S Ve Shekher, known for his wit and humour, said, ‘When there are a few in the society who call themselves ‘Black MGR’, I can proudly call myself ‘White Obama’, since I voice for a change in social status of Brahmins.’




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