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Request your attention     Dear Team,

          Suggetion: Ps include in subject line as brahmin asssociation to read the email and search efficinetly,
Nags - Nagarajan Pattabiraman <>

Appreciation    UNITY IS STRENGTH

          I am working in UAE for the past 11 years. I experienced in my life, the biased approach towards our society from all political corners in Tamil Nadu. I was longing for a strong leadership to inject new blood in our society’s youth wing. I appreciate Mr.Sekar’s initiative and my hearty wishes for a better organization which will fight for equality for our society. I would like to extend all my co-operation for this good cause. “ we believe conscience not violence”

P.M.Sundaram (

Dear Leader

          I am happy to see website for Brahmins indeed. My name is SriKrishna Prakash working as a Software Engineer in Australia. I am a Brahmin who has a passion to help Brahmins. I would like to join this great organisation and do my service to great social, philosophical and honest group of people. I would probably be back to India soon. I had an idea of not leaving any Brahmin behind in Finance as well as education. I would like to start a School for Brahmins and college for Brahmins to educate them not only technically but inculcate the values of Brahmin philosophy created by God to poor world. I know I cannot start alone. I hope my idea can be considered and some steps can be taken. Request from my side is to unite Brahmins first and help the financially poor Brahmins. I am ready to render my service. I hope I have a privilege to request you to open a Brahmin’s home to nurture financially poor and elder Brahmins as you said in the “About Febas”. Please start recognizing our aged elders and cherish them with love and affection. It’s our duty.

SriKrishna Prakash -

 Dear Sir

          I am a professor with a lot of free time at my disposal. I am also a Patent Agent in the field of Drugs & Pharmaceuticals. I hold a PhD in Pharmacy. I have a reasonably good knowledge in the field of Patents. I would happily liftup brothers/sisters willing to take my help. If you start a Newsletter column, I will try to feed it daily with Opportunities Available.

Yours Sincerely,
Sankar Sundaram, Ooty .sundaram sankar (

  Offersss    Dear sir/s

          Sir, I happened to saw your website now, and happy to note that , you are working for poor BRHAMINS people. Sir, i am running a courier service at EGMORE, and i wish to take poor, hard working people for my company. If you can provide, you please mail me, for further actions.

Thanking you,
k.parasuraman, The express couriers (

Dear Sri Sekhar

          I am MALARMANNAN, an English-Tamil bilingual journalist and a Tamil writer and I hope you recognise me through my YRGCARE connection.

I had the opportunity to listen to your interview. It was an enriching food for thought, laced with your wit and wisdom. Let me congratulate you for creating an awareness among people in general and Brahmins in particular.

Here, I would like to bring it to your kind attention and possible help. Kindly spare a few minutes to read:

1. Late Sri Ti Ja Ranganathan (known as Ti Ja Ra), a Srivaishnava Brashmin was a freedom fighter who was imprisonned during our freedom struggle. He did NOT barter his sacrifice after independence saying that it would be against his conscience.

2. Sri Ti Ja Ranganathan was one of the pioneers of Tamil journalism credited with excellent prose and he was also an established fiction and non fiction writer in Tamil. He edited Manjari Tamil Monthly on the lines of Reader's Digest and in fact, Manjari was his brain child.

3. Late Sri Ti Ja Ra was NOT recognised and taken care in his lifetime. You can infer the reason.

4. Sri Ti Ja Ra died in pennury and some of his descendants are still in utter poverty. Smt M Nirmala, one of Ti Ja Ra's grand daughter is working as a cook in a household for a paltry sum. Her husband is not helpful to her in anyway. She lives in the Slum Clearance Board tenement in Andi Manya Thottam, near Mandaveli Bus Terminus.

5. Now, Smt Nirmala's son Chi. M Raghavendran is seeking admission in the 9th std at Sri Sankara School, Tiruvanmiyur, Chennai 600 041. It seems he has to pay to the tune of Rs. 25,000/- to get admission. He is presently studying in St John Matriculation School and I advised Smt Nirmala to admit her son in a Hindu oriented school. And that is why the boy is now seeking admission in Sri Sankara School.

6. I took some initiative two years ago and was instrumental in getting Sri Ti Ja Ra's works nationalised and a sum of Rs six lakhs was paid by the Govt of Tamilnadu as compensation. But it was distributed among all of his legal heirs and therefore even those who are financially sound received their share. Thus, Smt Nirmala's family could get Rs one lakh only as her share and that amount was used to settle long pending debts and medical expenditures. And you know in today's economy, Rs one lakh is NOT a substantial amount. Her family is still in dire need of finance to run the household.

7. As I have already stated, Smt M. Nirmala, the grand daughter of Sri Ti Ja Ra is still struggling in her attempt to both ends meet. She is not in a position to pay Rs 25000/- for the admission of her son in Sri Sankara School.

8. In the circumstances, I earnestly request you to help her in whatever way possible at your end, either through your trust or from other sources.

9. Smt M Nirmala may be given financial support to enroll her son in the school and also given a letter of introduction to the school authorities so that the boy gets admission without any hassel.

10. Incidentally, Smt M Nirmala belongs to your constituency. Her address is:
B-7, Andi Manya Thottam, Near Mandaveli Bus Stand, Mandaveli,
Chennai 600 028.

I shall be grateful to you if Smt Nirmala receives your kind attention and timely help.

          Thank you. I shall be glad to receive a line of acknowledgement from you to this lengthy message prompted by my interest in helping the descendant of a Brahmin freedom fighter who was also an established writer and editor of an enlightening magazine.

With best wishes and regards,

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