Unity is Strength - FEBAS- Federation Of Brahmin Associations - Demand For 7 Percent Reservation For Our Brahmin Community - GOD IS WITH US, NO ONE IS AGAINST US
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          It is not founded with a view to oppose other Brahmin organizations either’’ he told the gathering.It may be recalled that the Tamil Nadu Brahmins Association has opposed to the formation the Federation by the Mylapore MLA.

          He said as a result of the social justice movement led by Thanthai Periyar, the backward and oppressed sections of the society enjoy 69 per cent reservation now.``Brahmins have never been stumbling blocks in their path to progress.At the same time, the Brahmin Community believes in Periyar’s philosophy that every caste should get its due share proportionate to the population,’’ he said.Shekher, who has reportedly approached BSP, said a majority of the Brahmins in the state were struggling to make both ends meet.


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